Rain sensor

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I've just installed the light manager air. Great device and nice features!

I've implemented a grass irrigation system that can now be turned on and off via the light manager.

I'm looking to automate the grass irrigation system. I want to enable it for a certain time when is has been dry for example 3 days. Is this possible with the oregon sensors or a cloud Service?


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Actually the rain data is available by openweathermap. The corresponding rain curve is shown in the chart view.

So far it is not yet possible to trigger scenes based on this rain data. But it is planned to integrate the possibility to trigger scenes for each openweathermap value, as well as for the temperature and humidity of each RF sensor attached. As soon as this is integrated your plan can be realized.

An alternative would be the implementation of this rain sensor:

Wir wünschen viel Spaß mit den Produkten und einen erfolgreichen Tag! Ihr jbmedia Team :)

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Thank you for your response.

Sounds promising. I'll wait for the future update. For the time being I'll do it manually.