Nest protect and nest thermostat?

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Mo 14. Mär 2016, 20:51


Are there any plans to implement any of the nest products into the lightmanager?

It would be great to use the precense sensors of the nest protect to control certain scènes.


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Mi 16. Mär 2016, 08:40

Hi Erwin,

we will have a look into this. Don't expect support very soon though, as there are plenty of devices which are by far more widespread than the nest and also worth of integration. But you never know, maybe the nest implementation is pretty straight forward and can be done quicker than expected.
Wir wünschen viel Spaß mit den Produkten und einen erfolgreichen Tag! Ihr jbmedia Team :)

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Do 30. Nov 2017, 13:38

20 months after starting this thread, I'd like to ask about Nest again.
Is it still onto the "look at" - list? ;-)

Thank you
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Fr 31. Mai 2019, 17:14

Currently I have the LM coupled to my Google home speaker via IFTT and it works fine. Tomorrow my Google hub will be delivered.
I'm curious whether there are any plans to integrate the LM with Google assistant?