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Hi Guys,

First time on this forum, but I've had the Light Manager Air for some time now, but I can't seem to be able to add the manual scenes from AirStudio to the Harmony remote. All I see is L001 - L255. Now I guess this is normal since the LXXX buttons do relate to the scenes set in AirStudio. But when I tried adding the Light Manager Air to my second Harmony remote (with a different Harmony hub) it didn't work on the second remote... Only on the first...

Can the Light Manager Air only be imported to one Harmony remote? Is there some documentation on adding this to the Harmony environment?

Any help is appreciated
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This seems to depend on the programm of your (2nd) Harmony. The LMair ist just waiting for an infrared-signal with a command "L001". The LMair makes no difference from which devices the signal came and can not determine between different Harmonys.
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There is no such limitation, you can use as many Harmonys as you want. airStudio offers the option to test the remote control (Options -> Remote control). When opening the window the LED of the Light-Manager will automatically flicker when any infrared signal is received. So you can test if any IR signal is sent out by the remote at all. Second the window will show which button has been pressed. So if you press button L001 on the Harmony, the value 1 will be shown on the right side together with the strength of the signal as a green bar. With this function it should be able to track down the problem.
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Good morning,
I have my Harmony Remote Smart Control since a longer time.
Since a week I have a JBMedia Lightmanager Pro Mini.
It took a little bit longer to setup everything in the Software to
control my Intertechno wireless sockets. But it works now.
Afterwards I set up my Harmony Remote to switch on and off
an Intertechno socket via Lightmanager.
Sounds good and I'm able to switch on and off by using the
device keys L01 und L02 in the Harmony app.
But when I start an action like "TV" it doesn't switch on the socket.
The device setting for the Lightmanager is that it switches on
automatically and switches only off when I press the OFF button.
Also I have selected the keys L01 and L02 as the keys to switch
on and off.
Next I have tried is to add a command L01 at the beginning of an
action and the L02 in the end sequence. Like this it switches the
sockets on and off. That's great but it does not work well if
you I switch from one action to another because it switches off
the socket.
Any idea what I can do ????????
Thanks in advance