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Di 23. Jan 2018, 22:48

What I currently miss in the Light-Manager is an option where I can enable and disable (pause) the timer function.
I have set a timer function for my lights for when I am not at home, but when I am at home I would like to be able to stop the timer function with my remote control and switch back to manual operation. (With a code from my remote control, or through the Light manager app or webserver)
This prevents my lights from going on and off when I am at home, sitting on the couch :)

It would be great if there would be an option to enable/disable the timer function in an easy way.

Currently I have to load a different light plan to the Lightmanager every time I come home, or when I leave my home. (without or with timer function)
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Mi 24. Jan 2018, 12:51

There is an easy answer to this, check out the marker functionality. With it you can not even enable and disable the timer, you could even create several different timers and enable the right one comfortably just by touching the corresponding marker in the marker section of the web interface. In the FAQ you find an article about the use of markers.
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So 25. Mär 2018, 18:58

Thank you very much - this is very helpful.
I will work on setting this up.