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Light Manager Air - Dummy actuators

Verfasst: Sa 28. Nov 2020, 10:29
von rvdweert
I have upgraded from a Light Manager to an Air. Very happy with it but:
I use dummy actuators a lot for my Trust/Intertechno dimmers. In Lightman Studio you could use "-/-" as system code so it would be recognised as a dummy.
I can't find that option in Air Studio or anything else to get a dummy to work.

Anybody got any ideas?

Re: Light Manager Air - Dummy actuators

Verfasst: So 29. Nov 2020, 16:35
von jbmedia
A special dummy setting is not required anymore. Just add a Trust / Intertechno actuator of your choice (e.g. P-16) and name it dummy. The houscode - channel setting will be overriden anyway, so it doesn't matter.

Re: Light Manager Air - Dummy actuators

Verfasst: Mo 22. Feb 2021, 14:09
von rvdweert
Sorry for the long delay, but I still can’t get the dummy to work as I used to. Maybe the dummy is used for different things so let me first explain what I’m trying to do here

I’ve got many Trust actuators (many of them are dimmers) and I like to operate them with my infrared remote control (Philips Pronto TSU9400 with touchscreen). I also like the ability to set each actuator to a specific dim percentage (0-100% = 17 steps).

Without the use of a dummy, this would mean you have to create a scene for each actuator, and for each percentage setting. For example: 10 actuators would give you 10x17=170 scenes. Besides the Light-Manager not having enough room for all those scene, it is also not very convenient when you’re programming things on your remote.

On the Light-Manager Mini my setup is as follows. For each actuator I make a scene which only contains the select command. I then create a dummy actuator with a scene for each dim percentage. On my Pronto I make on-screen buttons for each actuator, and buttons for each dim percentage. I also can use for example my rotary wheel to dim the light up/down. This works very nice.

On the Light-Manager Air I can not get the dummy to work.
I created a new actuator: Trust, type = dimmer, system-code = irrelevant, but in this case I selected P-16, and called it “dummy”.
I made scenes for the actuators containing the select command as described above. And scenes for setting the dim percentage on the dummy.
But there happens nothing when trying to control the actuators through the dummy!?

One note on the Light-Manager Mini. When the Mini is attached via USB to the PC, and I try to use the dummy directly through Lightman Studio, it doesn’t seem to work. Only when using the webinterface or controlling the dummy via infrared > Mini, it seems to work.
I also checked this with airStudio by using the webinterface, but it didn’t help.

Has the use of a dummy changed and is what I’m trying to do impossible? Or am I doing something wrong?

Re: Light Manager Air - Dummy actuators

Verfasst: Mo 22. Feb 2021, 14:49
von jbmedia
We found out that there is a bug in the latest firmware which causes the select command to fail. The upcoming update will fix the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience!