Android App for configuring Light Manager Air

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Di 7. Mai 2019, 11:06


Will there be an Android App or Web interface in the future for configuring my Light Manager Air with the same functionality as the AirStudio software? Would be nice!

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Di 7. Mai 2019, 12:13

We don't see that. airStudio is too versatile and therefore too complex to pack it into an app. If it would be technically possible at all, the development was way to expensive. Probably it was cheaper to give a netbook as a gift to every customer than the development of such an app, especially as an iOS variant would be required, too.

If you really want to use an app, try out ImperiHome. We are about to update the ImperiHome interface so that all features are available. This way you need airStudio only to define actuators. The rest could be done in ImperiHome.
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