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Hi Guys,

I think that my LMAIR is limited in coverage (it's pore positioning plays a role in this, as it is placed at one of the outer rooms in the house). It cannot operate stuff that's located on my terras, therefore I was considering replacing the antennas on the device. Will this help? And second, which antennas are compatible with the LMAIR?

Kind regards
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please first make sure that the antennas are not interchanged accidentally. The colored dots on the antennas should be placed like this.
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If this matches your setup and you think your antenna is broken, we could send you a new one. Alternatively you could attach an external antenna with an extension cord. An external antenna will increase transmission power significantly. However, in the majority of real life scenarios this power is not needed by far. See this article for more info about it: ... 57&lang=de
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