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On by timer and off by astro

Verfasst: So 25. Jun 2017, 11:03
von Redhawks
I have a minor problem that I´m not able to solve by my self. I have some receivers that I´ve programmed to turn on by timer at 05.30 at the morning and turn off by astro (dawn). Now in the summer the dawn is earlier then 05.30 and the receiver only turns on and stays on all the day until the "evening off-signal" will be sent because of the "dawn off-signal" occur before the on-signal. How can I solve this? As long as the dawn is eariler then the timer (in my case 05.30) the on-signal don´t have to be sent.

Re: On by timer and off by astro

Verfasst: Mo 26. Jun 2017, 10:48
von jbmedia
This task can easily solved by using markers. Markers are variables which just can have the state on and off. They are very powerful because you can define actions or scenes to be executed on a certain marker state only. In other words you can say that an action shall be executed only when marker 1 is on for example.

In your case you would configure the timer scene at 05:30 so that it executes only when marker 1 is off. This is done by right clicking the scene and selecting Marker Selection. In the window showing up just set marker 1 to off. Now in the dawn scene add the action maker 1 turn on. That's it actually. Now the marker 1 will be set to on by the dawn scene. If this is earlier than the timer scene, the timer scene will not be executed anymore.

There is one last thing to consider. The marker will have state on after the dawn scene in any case. Therefore we have to reset it somehow. The easiest solution was to add a third scene, maybe at dusk, which sets the marker back to off. In whole it would look like this (open in new frame by right mouse click).
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Re: On by timer and off by astro

Verfasst: Mo 26. Jun 2017, 11:16
von jbmedia
There is an even simpler solution, which works with the two original scenes only. :)
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