Trust ACM-1000 no more turnwheel-code A-P compatible?

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Mo 11. Nov 2019, 19:45

Dear JbMedia Community,

recently i've lost an old CoCo ACM-1000, which was damaged due a water leak coming from the roof :cry:

so i've bought the new ACM-1000 from Trust but looks like it won't recognize the old code from a turnwheel remote (A-P / 1-16).

Are they removing the old standard in favor of the new coding? That sucks because i was using a lot of duwi remotes with 6 sockets from the APA3-1500R starter kit (they can only handle 3 codes) and now looks like i have to change a lot of things.. :cry:

Also... does the LightManager support it? I've got the mini + wifi bridge but haven't tried yet (could be the options "actuator is code learning" in Lightman Studio?)

Many thanks,
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Di 12. Nov 2019, 17:55

You are right, Trust does not support the old code anymore. This can be a pain. On the other hand the new code system is in the market for about 10 years now and it is understandable that they started to skip the old system finally. Instead new Trust actuators support the coupling with up to 32 transmitters now, which makes them very versatile, although it might be a bit exaggerated.

The Light-Manager, regardless of what model (except the Classic), still support both systems. This will not be changed. So it could be used as an interface between both actuator generations.
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Di 12. Nov 2019, 20:28

Hi, thanks for the support!

I've succesfully sent the right code (with the "actuator is code-learning" flag on lightman studio) from my lightmanager mini + wifi bridge and it works... Thanks!