Light Manager to react to existing Somfy remotes

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Sa 24. Jul 2021, 18:32

We are sorry but we will not investigate anymore into this. If Homebrige is not able to send commands in an approriate manner, we cannot fix it. With the latest firmware update the Light-Manager processes all incoming commands in the order received. Consecutive commands resides in a queque until these are processed. You have to make sure that the timeout of the HTTP requests is long enough, so that no timeout occurs before each command has been processed. 5s might be too short. However, for time critical operations it is no appropriate solution to rely on network queques. You might consider using a scene, if Homebridge is not able to do this.
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Sa 24. Jul 2021, 19:36

I see your point, but I apologise, my previous log was incorrect because I had forgotten to activate same verbosity level on all blinds.

In fact, I get OK status back from LM from the 4 blinds, so there is no timeout nor error from LM or Homebridge:

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[24.07.2021, 19:20:00] [Chambre Ouest] Requesting manual stop
[24.07.2021, 19:20:00] [Bureau Sud] Requesting manual stop
[24.07.2021, 19:20:00] [Bureau Ouest] Requesting manual stop
[24.07.2021, 19:20:00] [Salon Sud] Requesting manual stop

[24.07.2021, 19:20:05] [Bureau Sud] Request succeeded in 5057 ms after 1 / 5 attempts
[24.07.2021, 19:20:05] [Bureau Sud] Body (200): OK
[24.07.2021, 19:20:05] [Bureau Sud] Stop request sent

[24.07.2021, 19:20:05] [Chambre Ouest] Request succeeded in 5105 ms after 1 / 5 attempts
[24.07.2021, 19:20:05] [Chambre Ouest] Body (200): OK
[24.07.2021, 19:20:05] [Chambre Ouest] Stop request sent

[24.07.2021, 19:20:06] [Bureau Ouest] Request succeeded in 6229 ms after 1 / 5 attempts
[24.07.2021, 19:20:06] [Bureau Ouest] Body (200): OK
[24.07.2021, 19:20:06] [Bureau Ouest] Stop request sent

[24.07.2021, 19:20:07] [Salon Sud] Request succeeded in 6898 ms after 1 / 5 attempts
[24.07.2021, 19:20:07] [Salon Sud] Body (200): OK
[24.07.2021, 19:20:07] [Salon Sud] Stop request sent
But the strange behaviour that LM sends twice the first command and misses to send the last one is still present.

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19:20:07 > my,som,did,33DFAE,aid,14,acmd,3,seq,3
19:20:06 > my,som,did,98DC09,aid,11,acmd,3,seq,3
19:20:05 > my,som,did,CBFB83,aid,13,acmd,3,seq,3
19:20:01 > my,som,did,CBFB83,aid,13,acmd,3,seq,3
I can undertstand if you do not want to spend more time on this issue, no worry, I will then rollback to FW9.9.
Thanks anyway, your help and support, it was much appreciated during the last days.

Kind regards