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Are there any plans to put examples of how to use different functions of lightmanager air?
At this time a really think i'm not getting the most of it and my imagination isn't helping either.
For example how and why to use markers.
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thespinner hat geschrieben: For example how and why to use markers.
In my programm I do have two markers ( between others).
1 "alex at home" which is set with http-command by my smartphone once I am at home.
2 "nail-saloon" which is set when my wife powers up her gear in her nail-saloon.
Action "light On" in our living-room triggered by sun-level/dusk function
does only work when both markers are ON.
Reason: My wife working in her saloon and me not at home there is no light in the living room needed.
There are endless possible combinationes......

I at least managed to gain a fairly high WAF. ( Wife Acceptance Factor ;) )
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We are currently evaluating the implementation of a Wiki to give more details about each function.

Markers can be used for two purposes: Just showing a state in the web-interface by a green or red box. So you could show if a window is open or closed. The second purpose is much more powerful. You can create IF-THEN conditions, simple ones and very complex ones. Blackbird already gave an example.

Let's say you want to close the blinds automatically when it is more than 25°C, but only between 10:00 and 16:00 during the day. Then you would create a scene which closes the blinds when temperature goes above 25°C. But this would happen all the time, not only between 10:00 and 16:00. So you would create two more scenes, one which enables a marker at 10:00 and another one which disables the marker at 16:00. Now you configure the temperature scene to be executed only when the marker is enabled. That's it. In other words markers are just little memory cells which can store the values ON and OFF, aka 1 and 0 or set and unset.

Another simple example is an alarm system. You may have several motion detectors triggering a siren and sending SMS in case of burglary. Of course you want to arm and disarm the system when you leave and come back. For this purpose you would use a marker, which could be enabled and disabled through the web interface easily. Also you could comfortable verify the state of the system in the marker section of the web interface.
Wir wünschen viel Spaß mit den Produkten und einen erfolgreichen Tag! Ihr jbmedia Team :)

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jbmedia hat geschrieben:We are currently evaluating the implementation of a Wiki to give more details about each function.

Is there any news about this?
I agree with thespinner, that som examples and a little more details would be great.
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Hi Jan,

I'm currently working on an own wiki (which is approved by JBMedia). It's called "" (Schlaue Huette means smart cottage). Everything the is writting in German but I've implemented a Google Translate functionality which works pretty good. You find the translation box in the right sidebar.

Best regards
Darf's ein bisschen smarter sein? ! :idea: