IR Sensor timer

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I've build a timer with the LM air that switches on a light when the IR Sensor detects movement. The large disadvantage is that the light switches of after the timer has run out. Even when there is still movement it switches off the light.

Is it possible to build a timer in the lm air which starts counting from zero every time the IR Sensor sees movement?


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Does the IR sensor only send an ON signal when detecting movement, of does it also send an OFF signal when there's been no movement during "x" time?

I have an IR sensor which sends ON with movement and OFF after 5 minutes of no movement.
So then you can put the "lights off" action in the OFF command of the IR sensor. You could even activate a marker for movement, so the lights can not (manually) be turned off while there's still movement.

I hope this can be of a little help for you.

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