iluminize 868mhz

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I have the sunricher SR-1009 (in holland YPHIX) In germany Iluminize).
The only push button remote RF 230v led dimmer i can find. X10 dimmers are not suitable under 20watt.

It is 868 FSK 869,0 Mhz.
I bought the wifi bridge because the LMA cannot learn this one.
Can someone share the UDP commands?
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We have attached the PDF with the EasyLightning protocol. This is used by the Iluminize Wi-Fi controllers. Probably it works with the bridge, too. Don't be put off by the document, the protocol is very simple.

By the way, Iluminize Zigbee controllers run very well in conjunction with the Light-Manager Air and the Philips Hue bridge. Just for the records.
Easylighting Protocol.pdf
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