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von chrisroijens
Mo 24. Jul 2017, 11:16
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Thema: New antenna
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New antenna

Hi Guys, I think that my LMAIR is limited in coverage (it's pore positioning plays a role in this, as it is placed at one of the outer rooms in the house). It cannot operate stuff that's located on my terras, therefore I was considering replacing the antennas on the device. Will this help? And secon...
von chrisroijens
Fr 30. Jun 2017, 09:13
Forum: English-spoken forum
Thema: Logitech Harmony
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Logitech Harmony

Hi Guys, First time on this forum, but I've had the Light Manager Air for some time now, but I can't seem to be able to add the manual scenes from AirStudio to the Harmony remote. All I see is L001 - L255. Now I guess this is normal since the LXXX buttons do relate to the scenes set in AirStudio. Bu...