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von jan
Do 29. Dez 2016, 09:17
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Thema: Web-Interface aktualisiert sich im Sekundentakt
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Re: Web-Interface aktualisiert sich im Sekundentakt

Ich habe das gleiche Problem.
Ich hoffe wirklich, dass JB Media vill mit einer Lösung kommen.
(Sorry für mein deutsches (google translate))
von jan
Sa 24. Dez 2016, 14:48
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Thema: Manuals/Examples
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Re: Manuals/Examples

jbmedia hat geschrieben:We are currently evaluating the implementation of a Wiki to give more details about each function.

Is there any news about this?
I agree with thespinner, that som examples and a little more details would be great.
von jan
Sa 24. Dez 2016, 14:02
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Thema: Applause to JB Media
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Applause to JB Media

Hi This is my first post in this forum. I have used Harmony 900 and LigtManager Pro/Air since 2008, so I am not a new user. I have to say that it is the best product i have seen regarding to homeautomation. I just love the idea - "Lets give the user a series of great tools and present them in a inte...